Nursery Practitioner Day!

Nursery Practitioner Day!

Hip Hip Hooray! Co-op Childcare is celebrating its 3rd National Nursery Practitioner Day on 17th October, raising awareness to make nurseries workers feel appreciated and valued for their hard work and commitment.

From research, it showed that one-quarter of nursery workers are considering leaving their posts and Co-op Childcare wants to change this. They are enabling nurseries up and down the country to come together on one day and celebrate their achievements!

What's happening on the day?

Co-op Childcare will be setting up appreciation walls for parents and children to share positive feedback about the work practitioners do.

The last few months have brought some very difficult times but as a team, Co-op Childcare have been working together and they want to celebrate this.

We want our colleagues to feel proud.

We want our colleagues to feel valued.

We want our colleagues to tell their friends this is the best place to work.

We want our colleagues to see a long term future with us.

“National Nursery Practitioner Day is a chance for the whole industry to come together to say thank you and make all nursery practitioners feel valued for their work. It is so important for us to recognise the inspiring work that they do to shape the minds of the future every single day.”

“It is just a small way of saying thank you and forms part of a much wider programme Co-op Childcare has implemented to reward our fantastic workers. This includes a host of incentives, such as competitive salaries, progression opportunities and a wellbeing and benefits scheme, which help us to let our colleagues know just how important they are to us.” mentions Sally Bonnar, Chief Operating Officer at Co-op Childcare.

If you would like to find out more information about the day, please click here.