100,000 Home Deliveries and Counting!

100,000 Home Deliveries and Counting!

Wow, 100,000 Home Deliveries. Who would have thought that this would have been even possible this time last year? In a time so affected by the pandemic, this has truly shown that we, as a Society, continue to showcase our values in action and help support our most vulnerable members & customers in the community.

The 100,000th Home Delivery was given to Mrs Langdown by local florist and regular volunteer Helen Arrowsmith. Already serving the community of Wem for many years, Helen is a florist by trade but was forced, like many, to adjust her personal circumstances. Seeing an opportunity at the start of the pandemic to help and support her local area, she became a Home Delivery volunteer for the Wem Food store based in Shropshire.

With access to her florist van, she has now selflessly been able to help her local community with over 1,000 home deliveries alone – a substantial achievement! Helen is just one of the many volunteers who has been helping and supporting our colleagues undertake Home Deliveries since it began last year.

Simon Thornley, Wem Food Store Manager added “We have been very lucky to have had the support of some fantastic volunteers delivering for us, many going above and beyond at times. Helen Arrowsmith has been the standout for us, taking orders out 6 days a week at times, and in doing so has probably taken nearly half of our deliveries. Being Wem born and bred, she knows a lot of the customers she goes to and has been a vital part of what we have done.”

In total, more than 3,000 home deliveries from the store have been completed in the Shropshire area since working with local volunteers like Helen. They provide the opportunity of community service and most importantly a person to talk to while many of our vulnerable members and customers are unable to visit a local store.

Simon also mentioned “It’s been a fantastic effort from all the colleagues in-store over the past 9 months, to support the elderly, vulnerable and those members in Wem and surrounding areas who have had to isolate. Some colleagues like Beth and Lisa have been doing this since day 1, and have a real rapport with some of the members we speak to each week, as it's not just about the shopping, it's also about the contact with them as many do not see a lot of people while they have been stopping in.”

What it means to our Home Delivery customers – Hear from the Mrs Langsdown, the 100,000th Home Delivery

Our Fantastic Colleagues

The deliveries from Wem Food store are just one incredible example of what we are doing on a daily basis across our Food stores. Communities and stores working hand in hand to ensure that we help and support the most in need. Did you know to date, there has been more than 1,000 volunteers and 75 community groups who have stepped up to help? Not forgetting our outstanding and dedicated colleagues who have been there throughout the entire process. Including the central team answering the initial calls, the store colleagues picking and packing the items as well as the frontline colleagues assisting the deliveries. We are truly grateful for your support.

We thank all our colleagues and volunteers involved in making this incredible milestone possible. #ValuesinAction