Travel Manager

Stratford Upon Avon Travel

About the Role:

Take responsibility for the branch through the maximisation of branch sales and profits; maintaining and enhancing operational standards; maintain unrivalled Customer Service through independent and unbiased advice; coaching and developing staff to deliver the Travel Strategic Plan. These are to be achieved through budgetary controls and within Travel and Society Policies and Procedures.

However, occasionally situations may arise that require the post holder to perform other duties or tasks as may be reasonably requested by the Society.

About You:

 The post holder shall:
  • Direct all activities to support the achievement of the Divisional Business Plan.  To take responsibility for maximising the sales and profitability of their branch.  To track the attainment of these key performance indicators.  To be actively involved in addressing shortfalls against these key indicators and to recommend or take advice regarding improvement plans or actions.
  • Set daily sales targets for all persons within Co-op Travel Direct and to review the attainment of such.  To provide ongoing encouragement to those who reach or surpass their targets and to provide support or advice to enable those not reaching targets to improve their contribution.
  • Support, through guidance and direction the selling opportunities for enhanced sales e.g. airport parking, car hire and Foreign Exchange.
  • Actively contribute to the maximisation of profits through the effective control of Co-op Travel Direct costs e.g. personnel.
  • Comply fully and accurately with the Co-op Travel Direct operations administration procedures thereby satisfying the deadlines for their completion and submission.  To comply fully with all audit procedures.
  • Effectively manage absence, conducting ‘return to work’ interviews in all cases and taking appropriate action and advice as necessary.
  • Maintain standards within the Customer Contact Centre to satisfy the demands of the Customer Service Standards Policy.  To ensure the highest standards of presentation throughout the Customer Contact Centre operation.  Key areas for ongoing critical review and action to raise standards include staff motivation reflecting professional standards and place of work appearance through, a rigorous housekeeping schedule.  To promote an environment conducive to a pleasant experience with professional services.
  • Ensure all promotional material is presentable and up to date and thus reflects positively on the image of the unit and therefore the Society.  Further, that such housekeeping ensures the accuracy of material used by staff.
  • Act responsibly and to encourage due diligence from all staff to protect Society assets.  Therefore ensuring the total security of Travel premises, stock cash equipment and personnel at all times.
  • Ensure the delivery of effective ‘Team Briefings’ validating their implementation and understanding.  To actively promote effective communication encouraging the contribution of all staff.
  • Ensure the accuracy of all training records.  To monitor the progress of staff throughout their training programmes ensuring that timescales or milestones are adhered to, or realised.  To take responsibility for conducting competency reviews and to discuss identified training needs or action plans with the Travel Management Team.  To monitor the attainments within the action plans.
  • Ensure the administration is of the quality and accuracy required and is dispatched to an effective timetable.
  • Actively contribute to and promote the delivery of outstanding customer service, adhering to the principles of the Customer Service Standards Policy.  To ensure a customer focussed perspective pervades all Co-op Travel Direct operations.  To critically review the standards of service offered within the centre and to take remedial action where shortfalls in this key performance area are identified or reported.  To remain alert to competitor activity in this area and to make recommendations to the Travel Management Team to take advantage of best practice initiatives.
  • Involve all members of the team in improving the business.
  • Actively encourage the development of product knowledge within the Customer Contact Centre thus ensuring the provision of unrivalled customer services.
  • Ensure valuable documents and other important data are safely secured.
  • Act with due diligence when using Society assets.
  • Keep confidential all sensitive information both within and outside of work.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that opening up and closing procedures are followed.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that all payment handling procedures are followed. To ensure that staff purchases are conducted strictly according to the rules that governs this procedure.
  • Conduct new staff 13-week performance reviews setting challenging goals and reviewing their attainment.  Ensuring that all documentation is fully completed and followed up.
  • Ensure that all staff personnel policies regarding selection and recruitment induction and discipline are strictly adhered to and the administration correctly complied with. To maintain an active understanding of the Society’s Personnel Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensure your own continuing professional development.
  • Take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.

In addition, all employees are expected to work within the terms of their contract of employment and adhere to Society policies and procedures.

Why Join Us?

Smart professional image and attitude
Remains calm at all times
Good planning and organising skills
Excellent time management skills
Looks to develop themselves and colleagues
Motivates, develops and directs colleagues
Works with others
Client focused can deliver excellent customer services
Deals with complaints effectively and efficiently
Maintains all health and safety procedures
Checks premises for any faults/areas of concern
Control costs
Looks to improve branch profits
Certificate in Management
GCSE standard of education or equivalent

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